Friday, January 20, 2012

Show Me Your Craft Room Blog Hop-This is going to be FUN!!!

Welcome to the 'Show Me Your Craft Room' Blog Hop!!!  
This hop is hosted by Lluvia at SweetBirdMemories Blog.  Lluvia will have the list of the participants at her blog and I will also list them at the end of my post.  The idea of a hop is to hop from one blog to the next following the links in the posts.  If you get lost along the way go back to the link above or feel free to come back here.  If you follow the rules on Lluvia's blog post you could have a chance to win some Blog Candy!!!

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I have "a few" pictures of my room to show you.  After each picture I'll share a little about what you are seeing.  Craft rooms are always a work in progress.  I have to confess, my room is the cleanest and most organized it has been in a long time.  But you will still see piles here and there.  Here is the first picture:

My room is L-shaped and is located in the basement of our home.  This first picture is the peg board I received as a Christmas gift from my friends Jody, Neve and Naya.  I love it!  Troy, my husband, helped hang the boards for me.  The beautifully decorated clipboard was created by another friend, Alicia.  The tag on the clipboard was made by my sister Cheryl.  I appreciate all gifts and creations from family and friends.  I display them in my room so that all the people I care about are with me even when I am downstairs creating by myself.  My heat gun and apron are also in this space.  This is the area right behind where I usually sit, so everything is in arm's reach.  Next picture....


This printing drawer holds a lot of my "stuff."  I use the Tim Holtz blending tool and foam pads often.  I keep Tim's autograph close for inspiration.  :)  The blue book is some old journaling.  I need to to do more of that.  Next picture...

The majority of the products in this picture are Close To My Heart products.  I LOVE being a Close To My Heart Independent Consultant.  The wall hanger has all CTMH products in it and the three boxes you see are full of CTMH stamp sets.  The bottom shelf holds a ribbon basket and a basket full of old Fiskars embellishments.  Next picture...

This storage unit was also a Christmas present from my hubby and son Jack.  They helped me put it together.  It now holds my Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists, other misc. bottles, ribbon, and CTMH products.  The drawers hold exclusively Close To My Heart products.  The bottom drawer holds the products I give away at crops, on my blog or retreats.  Next picture...

This is where I create most of time and also where I record my UStream and YouTube videos.  You can see the tripod and camera hanging from the ceiling.  The blue embellishments are hanging up there just to keep them out of the paws of the cats.  :)  You will see the cats sneak into a couple of pictures here.  Lots of light, tools, embellishments, paper, and ink pads surround me in my space.  This picture brings a smile to my face.  Scrapbooking is my splurge.  (Not shoes or clothes or purses.)  It brings me joy and I am preserving my life and the life of my family and friends at the same time.  How great is that! 

More "stuff."  This is where I sometimes create, but it is really meant for a family or friend to sit and create by my side.  This space always existed but was buried under a "mess" of scrapbooking stuff.  I make it a point to keep my room more organized now just in case I need to call in a friend or two to come over in an 'emergent' crafting situation.  lol

This area is a little less organized for now but it's another space for someone special to come over and create.  The wall displays some of my son's creations.  The shelf holds my 12X12 albums that are filled with precious memories.  Last count I think I have 24 albums.  I told you I love to scrap!  The table holds my tool bag, sewing machine, Cricut machines, and some NEW Close To My Heart products I just received this week.  Under the table is another Christmas present...the FatMax from my mom-in-law Becky.  I love it and can't wait to fill it up for our upcoming crop.  The 'Shopko' bag is full of plastic peanut jars my Mom saved for me for some upcoming projects.  Next picture...

Same space as the last picture but with a better view of the NEW products on the table and Buttercup, one of the cats.  Next picture...

This is Nugget scampering about my room.  She's my little princess.  

Thank You!!! for coming to see my space.  Please become a follower of my blog.  I like to share my creations here and I do giveaways now and again.   I am having a Stamp Set Giveaway this month.  Click HERE if you would like the chance to win a stamp set.  You need to leave a comment with your contact information and become a 'follower' of my blog.  I will randomly pick and announce the winner at the end of this month.  

The next Blog in this Hop is Melinda at

Here is the full list of Blog Hop Participants: 

Angela- http://Prettifyyourlife.blogspot

Thanks Everybody!!!


  1. I just LOVE the shelf with all the little cubbies. The one with Tims autograph on it. Thanks for sharing your space.

    The Determined Scrapper

  2. Great craft space!! I too, have Tims autograph and am going to frame it and put it up in my craft room!! :)

    phenis2031 at yahoo dot com

  3. I like the storage unit!!!!
    am a new follower!!

  4. What a cute craft space! I love it. And I see you have a furbaby helper also. Nugget is adorable. TFS
    Barbara B

  5. Love your space. I love the name "Nugget" for your kitty - so adorable! ~Karen Sue/ScrappyKsue

  6. i see ur pet loves to scrap too
    put away right away

  7. You keep everything really organized, its a cool place!! Thank you

    I am your follower, please follow me

    Gaby B

  8. Thanks for sharing your space!

  9. LOVE the printing drawers!! I've got to find some of those!
    New follower. My favorite tip? Put things away when you're done with them. No sense in needing to clean before you start the next time!

  10. You have a great space. I love your printing drawer and the divided drawer for your misters. Great space. Blessing, Linda

  11. What a great idea using the printer tray for storage. Love repurposing things. It's great being in the hop with you. Dana

  12. o.k. I'm back after quickly checking your stamp give-a way and I LOVE your space. You must be organized for sure to be able to be a consultant and still have time to craft. I would love to learn more about how to do a video demo when I am at my desk....any and all suggestions welcome!
    My favorite organizing tip is my use of the page protectors hanging on the rod. I now know I have lots of embellishments that I never knew I had!!! LOL
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring, it's been great to have been able to share this hop with so many talented, organized crafters!
    Now following,
    Creative Wishes,

    1. Hi Claire,
      Are you talking about the camera hanging from the ceiling? The camera was a gift from the hubby and it was just a regular web cam but I wanted to have my videos from the top and right side up as if you were looking over my shoulder. In order to do that my husband helped me bolt our regular camera tripod to the ceiling and I have the web cam placed in there and connected to my laptop. I can do Ustream videos and/or YouTube videos right there. When doing the videos I pull the tripod extender down towards my workspace. When I creating for fun, it is pushed up and out of my way. Thanks for you comment. This hop was great!

  13. I would be so thrilled to have room enough for someone else to scrap with me. I am not one to get much done being by myself so you are blessed to not only have the space but someone to share it with you from time to time.
    The printer's box is great for what you are using it for plus it adds character to your room. Very nice! TFS~

  14. What a wonderful creative space, so many nooks and creative places and storage. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Love your crafty space! My tip is to be sure that you label everything and clearly-it helps when creating! I love that your cat is part of the pics! TFS! I am a new follower and would be honored if you would check out my blog and do the same at ACreativeJourneywithMelissa dot Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Love your space even if it is shared with and cats too..hehe...that is how you stored your glimmer mists...I don't have that many yet in fact I just got one for Christmas but that will be a future storage solution for me as I get some more...TFS :) Also I am a new follower. :)

  17. Thanks for showing us your ideas in organizing.
    Loving Scrapper 101

  18. I too love ctmh and have alot in my room - if you've been over there and seen my room.. I so love your big
    wall unit full of goodies and all at a reach.. LOVE your space.. I am a new follower as well as liked FB - would love to see your ustream. I loved the training academy as I once was a ctmh consultant. I have a few things as a consultant to get rid of & sell cheap.. - if you'd like to e-mail and I will send you pics and talk more about it..

    1. Thank you! I was surprised to see a couple people found my FB Fan Page. I will do another live Ustream soon...hopefully. But you can see my older videos from there as well. Just click on the 'Ustream' tab and I think you scroll down you will see 'Recent videos.' The ones up now are Close To My Heart ones but there are other non-CTMH videos to see if you select 'See More.' Thanks so much! This is the best hop I've participated in!

  19. Craft rooms are always a work in progress. I must confess, my room is the cleanest & most organized it's been in a long time.

    scrapbook supplies

  20. Your space is Awesome! TFS I am your newest follower I hope you will be able to stop by my blog when you get a chance!


  21. Maybe you should put a picture of Tim up too!LOL Love all the organization and those printer drawers. My cat loves to roam around my desk and steal things or knock them down too.

    1. Yes, a pic of Tim would make the room complete!

  22. Great place to have fun and always nice to see fur babies sharing a craft space, tfs, Kim (

  23. really great love the printers shelf.

  24. Great space! I love your work space! I tried to follow but blogger being naughty so I will come back! TFS CallyAnn

  25. You have a really nice space! Love all of your organization.

  26. You are so lucky to have space to put a friend or two...great room!

  27. Thank you so much for sharing your marvelous scrapbook room!!!


  28. Chrys, Your room is great and I agree, I spend all my money on craft stuff not purses or shoes. LOL. I l like that you made room for friends. My two BFFs come over all the time. I love to share my room and stuff with them. I will never use it all myself and we are so creative together. tfs Tami

    Tambos Creations!

  29. Great room thanks for sharing

  30. Oh I LOVE the printing drawer! Very unique idea!! Nugget is having a big time too it appears lol New follower of your blog and FB page ~

  31. Thank you for sharing your room! My tip is using the photo boxes to sort items and I see that you used them for your CTMH stamps and I've been looking for a way to store them! How did I miss that they were the right size lol thank you!!
    Chris.kim33 at yahoo dot com

    1. Yep, they work great. You can stack them too, even though you can't use the photo box covers, because the CTMH stamp storage envelopes are very strong and sturdy. :)

  32. Thank you for sharing your room. You have a beautiful cat!!! i got some ideas so thank you so much!!!! great being in the hop with you!!!

  33. I love your room. It's a great space. I love how organized you are. Thank you so much for allowing us to invade your space. Be blessed.